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Frequently Asked Questions

When you start to think about moving overseas or buying a vacation home abroad there are many questions that arise. Here we have tried to answer the questions that we are asked most often. You may find the answer to your questions right here, if not, then please do not hesitate to contact us!

Q Can foreigners own property in the Dominican Republic?

A There are no restrictions on foreign ownership here.

Q What are the medical facilities like?

A The medical facilities are very good, there is a brand new hospital here in Sosua that can perform just about every medical service including surgery. You will need to have medical insurance and, although premiums are age related, it is fairly inexpensive.

Q Are there any annual property taxes?

A In the main the answer is no, only on high value properties. More details on this subject can be found on our Buyers guide page.

Q What are the schools like?

A Most children moving here from overseas attend one of the private schools here. There are a number of excellent schools along the north coast, some of which have international accreditation, which allows graduates of these schools to attend university in other countries. We will be happy to put you in contact with the schools in the area that you are planning to live. The schools in the DR are modeled on the US system.

Q What about crime?

A As with any other country in the world the DR has its share of crime and as with any other country there are steps which you can take to minimize your risk. The most common serious crime here is burglary and this is usually when a property in unoccupied. In the main the Dominican people are friendly, honest and hard working but in any society you will find a small minority looking for an easier option!

Q Are there jobs for foreigners?

A There are some jobs available here, call centres, bar work etc but as the local people work for very low wages you will need to be prepared to work for far less than you are probably used to if you want to find employment. There are however many possibilities and opportunities for those wanting to run their own business.

Q How do the locals treat foreigners?

A The Dominican people are a genuinely friendly race and treat foreigners in a friendly and courteous manner. This is however a very poor island so don’t be shocked or offended if a local asks you for a little financial help!

Q Are there any poisonous snakes or spiders?

A There are no poisonous snakes or spiders although we do have a good variety of both. We have a centipede which grows up to around a foot long and if bitten by one of these you may need some medical treatment.

Q Do I need a VISA?

A  No. You enter the country with a 30 day tourist card, if you stay longer than 30 days then you will be charged for the overstay on a sliding scale. If you are planning to stay in the DR long term then it is advisable to obtain Dominican residency. Don’t confuse this with citizenship, you will not get a Dominican passport and will not be entitled to vote or stand for public office, nor are you relinquishing your current status. Once you have residency you will not be charged the exit penalties.